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Pinball Challenge

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  • Symbian
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1.0 26/01/04
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Pinball Challenge is fully compatible with:

  • Symbian 6 Series 9200
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  • English

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Version License Language O.S. Download
Pinball Challenge 1.0 26/01/04 Trial version English
  • Symbian 6 Series 9200

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Can you become the Pinball Wizard?

Softonic Editorial Team

Available now on your Nokia mobile handset, Pinball Challenge allows you to play your favourite arcade game on your phone! With challenging levels to play and a high-score chart to beat you'll be playing for hours.

You must try and get the highest score possible by knocking down the 'Colored Pegs' in sequence to raise the score multiplier. You must also try and light all the rollovers panels to activate the BONUS HOLE - when this happens you have the chance to collect 1,000 extra points.

If you score 250,00 points you'll get a FREE ball so get pressing those keys!

When the ball passes through the 'SPINNER' near the top of the screen, the X2 circle will light up. This will progress if the X2 is already lit to reach X3 and eventually X4. All of your scores will be multiplied by this feature.

Randomly during play the 'EXTRA' panel will light up. If your ball passes over this all PEGS and LIGHTS will re-set and the you will be awarded a bonus of 1,000 points.

Finally, you will score points if the ball hits the 'Bumpers', 'Round Pins' or passes over any of the numbered score panels on the board. You only have 3 lives, so be very careful about not losing one! If the ball gets stuck, you can always try and TILT the board and put the ball back into play.

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